Z-MAN Hella Crawz 3.75 inches Pearl 3 pack

Sale price$32.91


Z-Man's Hella Crawz flaunts flattened, monster-sized flapper claws as a versatile crawfish profile jig trailer and flipping bait with a real attitude. The bait's appeal lies in its 10X Tough ElaZtech structure, so buoyant the claws float up and wave like a crayfish's natural defensive posture. Put one onto a hook and it's there to stay, outlasting comparable soft plastic trailers by impressive margins. The compact Hella CrawZ sports a lifelike segmented crayfish torso and carapace, plus lively eyes, antennae and twin flapper claws. Ten tournament proven color patterns have been hand selected by Z-Man pro Mark Daniels. HCR-84PK3 is 3.75 inch, Pearl in color, and comes in 3 pack.
Shipping Length: 7.25 inch X Shipping Length: 5.0 inch X Shipping Length: 0.05 inch X

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