Zman Nedlockz EWG 0.2 Oz 4 Pack Green Pumpkin

Sale price$16.12


Combining a traditional mushroom-shaped head with a weedless EWG hook, the NedlockZ EWG Jighead allows for easy weedless rigging and effortless hooksets with Ned Rig style softbaits. The jig's custom, heavy duty #1 VMC extra wide gap hook is sized to optimize the action of small softbaits without overpowering them. A molded keeper pins baits in place and prevents them from slipping, even on hard casts and after missed strikes. An ultra-premium Ned Rig jighead, the NedlockZ EWG features the same weights and colors (green pumpkin, black, chartreuse) as the original NedlockZ Jighead.
Shipping Length: 4.0 inch X Shipping Length: 2.0 inch X Shipping Length: 0.25 inch X

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